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Working Environment

At e2Serv, we offer a work environment where employees flourish. We’re committed to support a leadership culture through our systems and policies that foster open communication, maintain employee and partner privacy, and ensure employee health and safety. Work culture at e2Serv is such that one can say that every employee works with the organisation rather than working for the organisation.

Diversity & Inclusion

We are an equal opportunity employer.At e2Serv, we are committed to comply with all applicable laws driving the objective of diversity and equal opportunity. We value the differing experiences, backgrounds and perspectives among our employees. We are committed to build a vibrant, diverse and talented employee base - and helping each employee grow and develop.

Realise Your Potential

Empowering our people to deliver their best at all times is a continuous process at e2Serv. The twin objectives of career development at e2Serv are:
To provide opportunities to employees to enhance their competencies and in turn achieve their career objectives
To ensure that career development activities are aligned with organizational objectives to achieve growth for both employees and the organization

Fun At Work

We believe in a “Lots of Work and Loads of Fun” policy. Celebrations, team lunches and excursions along with cultural events as well as corporate events are held in abundance at e2Serv. We believe such get-togethers are a great way to bond and bring goodwill in the workplace. Employees are given complete freedom to express their creativity and display their talents in these events.